Orthodontic Veneer System

An excellent solution to a unique problem! O.V.S. has been perfected and used by Dr. James Hilgers and Dr. Debra Cook in their own practice. A common problem when treating orthodontic cases is the need to bond to an attachment to a peg lateral or an undersized tooth. With O.V.S. that problem has been solved! O.V.S. will provide a complete in-office system that creates an esthetic and properly sized temporary veneer surface to bond your attachment. This saves you and your patients both time and money by eliminating the need for a full temporary crown.

CONTAINS: Faci Form Crown Form #12 left: 5 med & 5 lg, Faci Form Crown Form #22 right: 5 med & 5 lg, (1) Ortho Veneer Paste Shade A-1, (1) Ortho Veneer Paste A-2, (1) Ortho Veneer Paste B-1, (1) 3cc light cure sealant, (20) stick-n-Place instruments.

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