Vanish Twin 5×5 Case No Hooks (.022) *MBT


  • Bonding in general is the same as you are used to. No primer needed.
  • Use a good adhesive that is adapted to aesthetic brackets like ceramic and common composites such as light bond.

Use Vanish SLB Opening Tool

  • Position the tool in front of the bracket and make sure that the pin is fitting exactly into the associated hole.
  • Pull the tool smoothly from the gingival to the occlusal side.
  • After inserting the wire, use the tool again to close the door.It is important to feel the door going over the hump and hear the click.
  • Don’t use probe or scaler as the force cannot be controlled correctly and will cause door failures.

Only Use Thermal Niti

  • Vanish SLB Ceramic Brackets are designed for light wire techniques and together with the excellent sliding mechanics you are able to move the teeth very fast and with low forces. This means quick results with less pain for the patient.
  • Vanish bracket door is very strong. It will hold a force of 2.2 kilos if the wire is parallel to the door. Thermal Niti wires fulfill this situation with low forces even with high deflections.
  • If you use Niti, BETA-T, or Stainless Steel in early stages, you will get cornering forces that exceed 2.2 Kilos and the door may pop off. Be sure to keep the door in its position in case of high deflections.
  • Only Thermal Niti wires will work up with high deflections. All other wires can be used for finish after you minimize the deflection to lower than .4mm.


  • To keep Vanish brackets aesthetics and beautiful throughout the treatment time and to ensure a happy smile, it is necessary to clean them accordingly.
  • Clean after eating. During eating, food particles might get into the slot of the bracket, into the rails and underneath the door and tie wings. Therefore it is necessary to spill the teeth and the Vanish brackets with water after each meal. Then, with closed lips, move the water from the left to the right in the mouth. Repeat this several times as needed.
  • Clean your teeth as usual with toothbrush and tooth paste. Use an ultrasonic electrical tooth brush in combination with a plaque removing tooth paste. This will help to remove plaque that accumulated on and around the teeth and also on the Vanish Ceramic brackets.

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